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My podcast on J.R. Rotem for my ASR Class

Monday, November 22, 2010

Independent Research Podcast

Composer, Producer, Innovator : Timbaland by Dionta Lyle

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-Dionta Lyle

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Peer Comment- Electron Innovations

I chose to use Corey Downs' blog on Electron Innovations for my peer entry. After reading his blog I must say that I learned so much. I did not know that the group Nine Inch Nails has so much of an impact on electronic music. I am not a fan of NIN but after reading this blog I am seriously thinking about listening to some of their work. I enjoyed the part where he talk about NIN’s different methods of CD packaging and future album promotions, I remember hearing about a band who did that but I never knew it was NIN. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from reading Corey’s blog.

Independent Research Entry- Timbaland

Timothy Z. Mosley also known as “Timbaland” has had a great impact on all genres of music. He has been recording, composing, and producing for about sixteen years now. Creating music in many genres such as; rock, R&B, hip-hop, folk, and Middle Eastern music. Timbaland has had great impact on music because he created a sound of his own; He calls it the “junkyard sound”. Timbaland was like any other musician in the world, he used the same musical instruments that most American musician used. One day he grew tired of hearing the same exact instruments in every song, it was at that point he started his search for a new sound. He eventually found it with the help of household objects and foreign instruments. Timbaland also realized the musical significance of nature sounds. He found a way to fuse a sample of a baby crying and an elephant into his creations. He quickly became known for his extensive sound library and his unique sounds. Which was very good because no other person on earth could sound like him or copy his style. They he started a style that his calls the “junkyard sound”. The Junkyard sound is when you take things that you would find in a junkyard, like a glass bottle and a stick. Then you use the two items to make a rhythm, and then you record it. Because it isn’t a musical instrument when you hear the recorded loop it will sound very unique. Timbaland would later add percussion and other musical instruments to create a full song but the driving force of the song would be like no other. Some technical innovations that Timbaland has done are creating a handheld video game that allows the players to create their own musical compositions. The game has a built in sequencer that allows the users to place samples from Timbaland’s sound library, in order to create a musical sequence. This innovation is both entertaining and inspirational. It is very fun to challenge yourself to see what you can create. But it is also inspiring to see a young child playing this game and suddenly realized, that they want to be a music producer when they grown up. This was definitely a great innovation because the average person doesn’t realize that music could turn into a career until they’re in their teens. Now, children as young as four years old can start building the foundation for their music career.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Peer Comment Electronic Music

I thought Leo’s blog on Aphex Twin was very well written. After reading it I felt very informed about the topic. Leo’s word selection and details painted a picture in my head. It was very obvious that Leo knew a lot of information on his topic. In my opinion, this is a very good blog. It was simple, short, and straight to the point. After reading this entry on Leo’s blog, I feel like I learned so much about Alphex Twin. There was so much information about their music and their equipment they used to create the music in this blog.

Electronic Music Innovator

I believe an artist that has had a great impact on the popular of electronic music is David Bowie. David Bowie had his on style of music but he was heavily influenced by Kraftwerk’s innovativeness. Although, Kraftwerk where the started the electronic music craze, David Bowie added to it by fusing his rock and roll music with electron music. A great example of this fusion would be “Speed Of Life” by David Bowie. David Bowie’s eagerness to collaborate with Kraftwerk promoted not just electronic music but a fusion of the synthesized rhythmic sounds with actual musical instruments. When David heard Kraftwerk’s unique sound he moved to Europe where he met them. Together they fused David Bowie’s lyrics with Kraftwer’s instrumentation. David created the album “Low” with the help of kraftwerk.  Although, their collaboration was not very successful in the United States, David Bowie continued to create pop music. Specifically in “Speed Of Life” by David Bowie there is an actual guitar, bass, and drum kit in the song. However there is also a synthesizer in the song giving it an effect. David Bowie’s music and music videos would soon find vast success and popularity in the United Kingdom. This not only built on the foundation that Kraftwerk had started but it took electronic/pop music to its highest level of popularity than anyone ever did before. Television networks and other media played his songs and videos constantly. Thus promoting pop music’s view’s on love, dancing, and the intimacy between a male and a female. I believe that David Bowie is an artist that had a major impact on electronic music because he paved the way for electronic music and crossover artists. David Bowie truly showed the entire world the amount of success and wealth that an electronic/pop artist could attain during their career.

Electronic Music by Dionta Lyle

Kraftwerk’s music and image were very closely related to machines. Everything from their album covers to their album concepts. Specifically, All of the titles and concepts of their albums during 1974 – 1981 were directly related to machines. For example, during 1974 – 1981 they released Autobahn that was related to cars and Germany, Radio-activity that was related to radios, and others like Trans-Europe Express, The Man-Machine, and Computer World. The key factor that makes Kraftwerk one of the biggest influence on electronic music is all of their instruments where machines and their instrumentation was less musical based and more rhythmic based. Not only did they help electronic music have a big impact on European music but American music. When American musicians heard Kraftwerk’s songs and creations they immediately wanted to collaborate or mimic their sound. I consider Kraftwerk to be one of the biggest reasons why synthesizers have become very popular over the last twenty years. Although, they’re instrumentation was very music their rhythms and grooves made their listeners want to dance, which is a main focal point of modern music. Also, the simplicity of their lyrics has also set the example for many of today’s music. When Kraftwerk gained fans in North America they created a whole new genre, they created pop music. Pop was a genre that could easily be joined with other genres to create new music. Before long artists would mimic theyre instrumentation and put a very good vocalist on the song, thus creating pop. I believe that without Kraftwerk we wouldn’t have artists like Madonna, Rihanna, Lady GAGA, and etc. As a listener and industry professional kraftwerk has left a lasting impression of their innovativeness and creativity. I think that they have left a great impression on the entire world by creating Pop music, the most profitable genre of music ever made.